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Burrrppp... excuse me! This is what happens often when a heavy meal is followed by hot sizzling chocolate brownie, not to forget, loaded with ice cream! More such heavy stuff on a regular basis will definitely lead to a heavily-stuffed you. You may not realise this when you are busy indulging in some sinful intakes, but it will definitely make you 'weight' and watch yourself and feel those extra kilos regretfully.

Exercise tips Your mind is then constantly worried with the bloated-look phobia when you ultimately put your hands down and make a resolve. You decide upon the uphill task - Weight Loss! Initially you will feel some weight even on your mind, thanks to the overload of anxiety and cursing yourself. This becomes even worse especially for women who find solace by swearing on their false age and figure. There is a better way out instead. Why not introduce some exercise bits in to your routine and live even happier by shedding the myth and announcing to the world your real age, yet not look that much quite convincingly?

There are number of ways to choose from, if you really wish to lose that extra flab. Always keep in mind Mark Twain's words - "20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did." So get ready to become a big time loser folks. Chant the mantra - Now or Never! Here are some exercise tips to lose weight and gain happiness and wellness.

Start your day with cardio exercises

Early morning cardio exercises like running, aerobics, cycling or walking; especially before breakfast is a great way to start the day. Mornings are the best time to exercise as our body has much more energy then, than what it may have in the afternoons or evenings. The blood sugar levels are low before breakfast and exercising during this time will utilise the already stored fats in the body instead of consuming energy that is gained after eating. This way, your body can burn up to three times of the fat and make you lighter on the body and even in the mind. Exercising in the morning will help increase the body metabolism and thus, keep burning calories throughout the day. Besides, having done away with the exercise first thing in the morning will have lesser chances of you skipping it if you had opted for a later session. As a result, you can enjoy being a loser by staying regular.

Weight training for weight loss

Your metabolic rate is defined by the amount of muscles you have. Thus, more the muscle you gain, more fat you will burn as the muscles will then keep burning the calories all the time to keep themselves maintained. Weight training or resistance training every alternate day is a good way to build muscles and lose the undesired extra baggage of fats you may carry. If you do weight training in the evenings, you can build larger muscles which will burn fats in your body through the night as you rest. So, train with weights to lose weight.

Indulge in a fun activity

Do you yawn at the mere mention of exercising or gymming? Though exercising will lead you to lose weight, most people just don't feel like working out. Well, that is not the last thing you have to do to keep fit or to lose weight. Explore and indulge in to some fun instead. Do you enjoy dancing, or swimming, kickboxing, or any sports activity? Then do not burden yourself with any extra form of working out. These are a great way of exercising along with loads of fun! Besides, there is no chance that you will want to miss it any time as it will be an activity of interest that you will be indulged in to. If you have company, all the more fun! While any such activity will help you energise to your fullest, it will also burn those extra calories. Indulge, and be a happy loser.

Simple and effective exercising tips

If you thought that joining an expensive gym or an activity class are the only mantra to losing weight, you may not have observed or realised yet, the simple daily activities that could also do wonders! Let's face it. You are more than happy to take a lift every time you go to office or home or other places. How about taking the stairs instead of the elevator? It might seem to be an uphill task, nonetheless, it will refresh your day and play an important role for your activeness. As kids we all have jumped all over places and made merry. How about reliving this fun? Jump the skipping rope for few minutes each day. This could benefit you as much as running a mile and will work wonders to keep you active all day long and help you with your weight loss goals. Besides, it is one the most inexpensive ways of exercising, is portable for you to carry anywhere, even during your vacations. Doing yoga can also work its way toward weight loss. If you like to cycle you way to office or enjoy it as a leisurely activity, you are surely burning out those extra kilos besides being an eco-friendly citizen. If this also does not motivate you enough, make it a point to have a brisk walk after lunch. It will help you subside the post lunch laziness and also help churn some calories. The least you could do, is doing sit-ups before going to bed every night. Regardless of what form of exercise you carry out, it is sure to benefit you.

Remember, building a healthy lifestyle will ultimately help you fulfil the goal of weight loss. Start at a smaller pace, and gradually go on to increase your endurance. Be regular at the regime that you select. Rome was not built in a day, similarly you can't expect desired results overnight.

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