Weight loss tips

Tips to Lose Weight

Everybody wants to lose weight as they are aware of the health conditions that are caused by obesity. Obese people face the problems like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes etc. And the fact is, if you reduce the weight and manage to keep it under control then you are less likely to get these diseases.

General idea of losing weight is doing moderate exercises and following a proper diet. 'Burning more calories than you consume' is the basic logic behind weight loss. Here we give you some tips to lose weight that will help you to lessen your weight in a healthy way.

Tips to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips


As all of us know that food plays an important role in weight loss. A proper diet makes you consume less calories and more nutrients. Include more healthy food in your diet and eliminate the unhealthy food options such as pastries, cakes, beverages, sugary processed foods, chips etc. In today's hectic lifestyle, especially in metro cities people unknowingly follow unhealthy food habits and consume more calories as they eat fast food quite often. These foods contain calories which will make you consume extra calories and saturated fats.

Breakfast and Meals

Breakfast is a must to jump start your day because it will increase your metabolism rate which helps to shed the extra pound. Eating a heavy and proper breakfast will keep you active all day and you will feel less hungry for rest of the day.

Besides eating proper food, you need to understand when to eat and how to eat. Eating 2 to 3 large meals would take much time to digest and lessen your activity. When the food does not get digested quickly and properly, you get cravings for unhealthy food. Thus, eating frequently would make you lose weight, thus, eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 2 to 3 meals and improve the digestion process so that you will automatically avoid unhealthy food craving and the consumption of extra calories. Try to eat healthy when you eat, like fill half of the portion of your lunch and dinner plates with salads and skip desserts, instead, eat a fruit after a meal.


Water is soul of your weight loss program. No other drinks like beverages, juices will fulfill your need as water. Water keeps you hydrated all day and helps in the digestion process. It helps the body to absorb all the nutrients from the food and increases the metabolism rate with washing all the toxins out from the body.

Calorie Count

Every body is different so it is possible that if a certain method of weight loss works on your friend, it may not work for you. Metabolism rate and calorie count plays a vital role in weight loss and it varies from person to person. So first count your calorie intake and plan your daily diet accordingly. If you know your calorie count and metabolism rate then you can plan your exercises routine too.


With all the things given above, you need to be physically active. Cardio exercises are known to reduce much weight in a short time span. If you combine exercises like aerobics, yoga and cardio, then you will get the utmost results for weight loss. Just remember not to start with intense exercises suddenly as they may cause you an injury. Try to increase the intensity level gradually.

If you do not like to go to the health club or gym, then you can perform other physical activities like cycling, jogging, swimming, brisk walking etc. Staying active is important and you do not need a particular gym routine for that. Take some time out for your outdoor hobbies like dancing, swimming, playing some sport etc., or take part in tournaments like swimming or running competition so that you lose your calories and automatically maintain your diet. If you do not want to decide the particular timings for the workout then you can go for 30 minutes walk at any time of the day. If you increase the speed step by step then you can lose 400 to 500 calories in one hour session.

Even when you are not working out, be active and stay active for the whole day. If you are stuck at your desk at the office for a long time then get up and go out for 10 minutes walk in the break timings. Do not rest at home on the weekends, instead plan outings, play some team sport, go for hiking, plan family picnic etc. Thus, you can relieve your stress while losing some calories.

These are some tips to lose weight which will help you to maintain or modify your diet, burn the extra calories in your body and keep you focused on losing weight. These are healthy and proper ways to lose weight. Remember, do not get attracted to the crash diet plans or hard core exercise programs because they make you lose weight so fast in really short time span which is not at all good for your body. With such plans and programs you will get the desired results for sure, but you'd also gain all the weight back in few months. Always seek for the healthy and long lasting ways to lose weight.

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